About The Java Brew Collection


Over 35 years in the Automatic Merchandising Equipment Industry

Over 200,000 machines sold with our previous programs.

Hundreds of our NEW JBC Operators setup since 2013

Thousands of dispensers already placed


The Java Brew Collection ™ is one of the newest business divisions of the well established FOM Group of Companies. The JBC crew are responsible for development of new area operators in the ever expanding demand for gourmet coffees in the North American Market.  Since 2013 our JBC Crew and marketing staff will be selecting and supporting a North American network of dedicated and passionate individuals to market and service growing demand for gourmet coffee, not across the street, not 10 floors down, not down the block, but right in any company’s office staffroom.

Java Brew Collection

Focused on becoming the industry leader in automated specialty coffee systems in North America as our Italian technology is adapted to the North Americas’ specific elevated standards now in beverage consistency and taste. As a socially responsible company JBC is committed in maximizing its energy efficiency in our products and work environment. Our Operator coaching will continue to promote the added benefits of providing environmental and social responsible products as this becomes a standard request from today’s business.

Our years of representation and success in the beverage industry is due to our dedication to support our regional operators with the finest in technology, service and education. To be successful on our vision of becoming the North American leader in specialty espresso dispensing systems our business model required that:

  • We develop the most advanced and adaptable espresso systems available today
  • Attract the best talent who are progressive and visionaries to create a unified team of professionals
  • Develop an operators program that would be superior to any present or future competition
  • Create a support network in service, sales and marketing for our operators that would maximize their opportunities for success