JBC 125 Touch Coffee Machine Table top

Perfect for small and multiple unit accounts.

Great flexibility with 2 user interfaces to be chosen between:
• 7” touch screen selection panel with 8 customizable push buttons that offers an excellent communication space and allows to run promotional videos and images.
• 170 mm high delivery area suitable for big cups, mug or a jug.
• 100 mm high pivoting espresso cup holder

JBC Series 350 Coffee Machine Tabletop or cabinet, plumbed or internal refillable tank.

Office Coffee Service – Perfect for small to medium-sized accounts.

7” Touch screen display with touchscreen technology.

  • Great modularity with friendly user interface
  • Touch screen guides end-user to their bevergae choice.
  • Showcase for introduction of fresh coffee beans or for branding.
  • Fully customizable beverage selections.

JBC Series 550 Coffee Machine. Plumbed or internal refillable tank, internal cup drop and mug capabilities.

Full Featured Vending – Perfect for small to medium-sized accounts.

15” Touch Monitor. FULL HD with touchscreen technology.

  • All beverage selections provide flexibility and a wide choice of varity to fit different customer needs.
  • Touch screen guides end-user to their bevergae choice.
  • Customizable screen allows for a display of video clips, images or messages.
  • Customizable strength and sugar dosages.
  • Illuminated cup station with a height of 170 mm for automatic cup drop use or with mugs.